Today we’ll put the spotlight on our Olibanum Oil, a green terpenic, resin and woody essential oil with a pleasant balsamic facet.

Named ‘al-lubân’ (milk) in Arab due to the milky aspect of the gum exuding from the tree, Olibanum has been associated to religious ceremonies since the dawn of time.
Nowadays the essential oil obtained from the hydrodistillation of the resin is mostly used in aromatherapy, perfumery and even sometimes… flavours !

Reach out to Bontoux about Olibanum Oil to benefit from the reliability of our production in terms of significance or mastership, as a direct result of hydrodistillating the resin in our french headquarters for years. Our reliability is also due to our main trustworthy suppliers, which have been well established for years and consistently keen on working with good practices.

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Picture : courtesy of Neo Botanika