A whole team of enthusiasts

The people who work for Bontoux are driven by the same pride of contributing to the creation of exceptional products every day, following a natural process.



An exceptional working environment

Nestled in the heart of the Drôme Provençale, Bontoux is located deep within nature itself between the mountains and the countryside, offering a truly rare and exceptional workplace setting.
As a company that retains a personal touch, we offer an environment with working methods and conditions that contribute to our employees’ well-being and career development.

An ambitious family business

Our history and the fact that we are always ready for a challenge mean that we can look to the future, confident in our responsibility to grow whilst retaining our attachment to the earth and our key values: respect, passion and sharing our enthusiasm.
The human dimension of our structure and our entrepreneurial spirit mean that our organisation is people-orientated, based on sharing knowledge and experience.

A socially responsible company

Our social and environmental responsibility has always revolved around the local area and the countries where we operate. It forms the basis for all our initiatives to meet environmental challenges and contribute to inclusive development.

A company with an international outlook

Bontoux began its international growth in the middle of the last century, initially in the USA and later in Asia and the Pacific. It continues to expand into a variety of fields such as sourcing, production and distribution within emerging markets, aiming to share its knowledge with partners wishing to commit to sustainability and quality.

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H/F Coordinateur HQSE / référent ” Food safety” Click
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Working at Bontoux means that you can progress within a company that cares for its employees and their well-being to ensure that they remain fully committed in the long term

Gender equality index 2023: 97/100

Our company is PEOPLE-oriented. Respect and inclusiveness are the values that drive us to produce and provide our very best; we demonstrate these values every day through a high level of consideration for each other, our customers and our partners.

Much more than just a producer, our added value lies in our employees’ EXPERTISE and skills, the modernity of our industrial equipment and the knowledge that we have been constantly refining for over 100 years.
We cultivate this expertise by providing each person with training throughout their career so they can flourish in their role, as well as working alongside our employees to ensure they can fully express themselves and develop their talents.

OUR PASSION for aromatic raw materials is what guides us every day, from earth to vegetation, from the relationship with our producers to the harvesting of the plant, not forgetting regulatory aspects as well as the distillation, production, analysis, research and development techniques. Our mission is to bring a sense of purpose to our actions and create the natural products of the future.