Bontoux has spent over 100 years building relationships with producers all over the world, with the emphasis on a personal touch, close contact and authenticity.
As we have always been producers, our key aim is to share our knowledge of plants and the various distillation and production techniques by building direct relationships with growers, cultivators, farmers and anyone who works with plants and the land on a daily basis.

Our Partnership at the source in Calabria

Exclusive partnership for organic bergamot in Calabria with the family business Patea Azienda Agricola.

This exclusive partnership enables us to combine our respective and complementary skills and expertise, from the cultivation of the citrus fruit to the production of essential oil, while complying with the regulations for use across the many sectors where bergamot is used.
We are committed to organic farming for our bergamot trees, and our products are organic certified by ECOCERT®.

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supporting agricultural engineers

Rigorous selection of the very best raw materials.

In-depth knowledge of plants and soils.

Direct, authentic and close connections with the producers at source.

Development of organic subsidiaries.

Mentoring, guiding and developing producers.

Now more than ever, we are concentrating our efforts and commitments on fair, sustainable sourcing with socially responsible producers that share our values.

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