Founded in 1910 by the Guédant family, we are a leading player specialized in the production of natural aromatic extracts.

GUEDANT has developed a great know-how and recognized expertise in the extraction of natural raw materials for flavouring formulations and for spirits and beverages.
We offer a wide range of flavouring alcoholic preparations: extracts, alcoholates, infusions in many tones of fruits, plants, spices and aromatic herbs.
Quality, Food Safety and Customer Satisfaction are at the heart of our commitment.
Our worldwide customers are specialized in the manufacturing of flavours, spirits and food products.
We export to more than 25 countries around the world.
GUEDANT joined the Bontoux Group in 2018.


Over 80 extracts


Our products are distributed by the Bontoux group subsidiaries in the USA, India, China and Australia.

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