Our Partnership at the source in Calabria

Exclusive partnership for organic bergamot in Calabria with the family business Patea Azienda Agricola.

This exclusive partnership enables us to combine our respective and complementary skills and expertise, from the cultivation of the citrus fruit to the production of essential oil, while complying with the regulations for use across the many sectors where bergamot is used.
We are committed to organic farming for our bergamot trees, and our products are organic certified by ECOCERT®.

Our expertise bergamot in video

Our longstanding experience in citrus

Throughout the last 30 years, Bontoux has established strong partnerships with Italian and Spanish citrus producers.
This connection, as close as possible to the fruit and the production of its essential oil, has allowed us to acquire and perfect our citrus expertise: both at an analytical level and in the specific product characteristics linked to variety, method of production, and impact of the terroir and the climate on the quality of the essential oils.

With this knowledge, we have developed innovative cutting edge techniques to make the crude essential oil compliant with current specific legislation on perfumery, cosmetics, and food.

Our natural extracts of citrus

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